Bone Energy LLC - A Professional Oil & Gas Consulting Firm


Bone Energy LLC is an oil and gas consulting firm that specializes in applying our industry expertise in field applications layered on top of our petroleum engineering background. We analyze wells from the bottom up starting with a reservoir approach, but we also look at the top down on the field expense side.

We marry over two decades of petroleum engineering analysis of both reservoir and production to see how things can be improved when analyzing a wellbore whether it be for recompletion, production optimization, or acquisition and divestiture. We look at real world costs associated with projects to determine the best return on investment.

Our experience has shown that there is a big gap between managing assets from the office that doesn't touch on the finer details of wells. Without proper field experience with personnel these details can be overlooked and lead to lost opportunities or unnecessary cost overruns. At Bone Energy LLC we bridge that knowledge gap to identify performance potential and align well expenses.



Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir simulation

  • Well(s) Decline Curve Analysis

  • Project Economic Evaluation

  • Volumetric Depletion Studies

  • Well Log Analysis

  • Optimized Well Spacing

Production Engineering

  • Enhancement of gas lift, ESP, plunger lift, sucker rod systems, and compressor systems

  • Improve flow regimes with nodal analysis

  • Mitigation and handling of corrosion and chemical expenses

  • Find, design, and implement recompletion opportunities on legacy wells

Facilities Engineering

  • Vapor Recovery estimates and project economics

  • Natural Gas Liquid processing and gas conditioning design

  • Facility design and best practices

  • Optimization of existing facilities

Customer Brand Promotion

  • Promote customer assets and technology through technical paper publications

  • Prepare and present on customer applications to trade associations such as SPE, API, etc.


Mr. Paul Munding leads Bone Energy LLC, and his background covers many different facets. Paul started working in 1999 with Marathon Oil in the Yates field of Iraan, TX field that set world records. He has had many field jobs from working on frac and cementing crews with Schlumberger in SE Oklahoma to compressors and pumping units with Anadarko in the Hugoton Basin. His knowledge on reservoir simulation was earned while working on offshore fields with BP out of Houston. Paul has worked reservoir on wells from New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

While at Chesapeake Paul worked in the Southern Oklahoma oil and gas fields as a field supervisor. He then did production and completions for Chesapeake Energy in NW Oklahoma and the Fayetteville shale. He has done many company leading projects such as drainage and interference studies on horizontal well plays and vertical gas in the Haley region of west Texas. Paul led RKI’s production engineering team in the Delaware basin while they doubled their net production and reduced daily downtime. Paul last worked at Flogistix, a production service company where he helped develop two market leading initiatives on SMART gas lift and vapor recovery.

Paul attended college on academic scholarship from the University of Oklahoma and the American Petroleum Institute (API) and graduated with distinction with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2003. With his practical experience he likes to say he got an undergrad working for an operator and a master’s working for a service company.

Dr. Hamid Karami is an assistant professor at Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering of the University of Oklahoma, where he started in 2017. He received his BSc degree (2009) from Sharif University of Technology, and MSc (2011) and PhD (2015) degrees from the University of Tulsa, all in Petroleum Engineering. He worked as a research associate at Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP), and Tulsa University Horizontal Well Artificial Lift Projects (TUHWALP), before joining OU. At OU, Dr. Karami has led several projects funded by ACS, QNRF, or sponsored by industrial entities, applying his knowledge of multiphase fluid dynamics and artificial lift. Since 2022, he has also worked as a part-time flow assurance consultant for Wood Group. His main teaching and research expertise areas are production engineering, multiphase flow, flow assurance, and artificial lift.

Dr. Karami is the author and co-author of 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, or book chapters. He currently has 502 citations and a Google Scholar h-index of 12. A full list of publications is available here.


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